A lot of my customers (Sproingettes!) have asked me to let people know how Sproingers began and how they work. So, here we go. A few years ago, I woke up and said the word: "Dryer Ball." I had NO idea what a dryer ball was. I went to the internet to find all kinds of dryer balls but the wool dryer balls were all natural and long-lasting.  I then had the problem of where to find the wool? It just so happened that the largest wool (and one of the finest in the world)  mill in North America was 10 miles down the road. I contacted them and they agreed to sell me their Triple-A Marino Wool, the BEST wool in the world. The first year I made all of the balls by myself. Each ball can take up to 45 minutes to felt. To felt a ball, we stand over the sink and use hot water and soap and push and push...and push on the wool to form the ball.  I could no longer do this alone, so I asked my friends in Recovery/AA if they would like to help me. We now felt the balls together and have delicious talks and laughs as we felt. 

The purpose of the company is to get people away from dryer sheets and liquid clothes softener. These both are made from harsh chemicals. The dryer sheets contain carcinogenic fibers that get into your bloodstream and clog your dryer. This is dangerous for you and your dryer. The liquid and any rubber balls you may use are made from petroleum. Petroleum is not compatible with a hot dryer and the oil gets on your clothing.  We all love a nice scent but the scent from these products are made from man-made chemicals.

Sproingers work because they get between your clothing, lifting the clothes, which allows air and heat to get between, thus reducing your drying time by 25%. Wool is a natural fabric softener, reduces wrinkles and static. I also put a safety pin through the wool, to reduce static even more, especially in colder weather or when drying nylon. 

Sproingers can be scented with essential oils. We make a Lavender and Unscented ball. Seent is up to you. I love using different scents for different seasons. In Spring, I use Lavender, Lemon, and Rose. In Fall, I use Frankincense, Myrrh, Orange, and Clove. I find doing laundry is a calming experience now. I have even meditated in our laundry room. 

Meeting people at Farmer's Markets and hearing from you through email has been one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life. This is a mission for me. It started with a wake-up call and has turned into a dream.

My husband and I work side by side on this journey. We are having a "ball" making and selling Sproingers. It was an unexpected gift at this point in our marriage. I could not do this without him. Thank you, Jim. 

Thank you for joining us on the journey to health and happiness, one ball at a time.

Maggie and Jim